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J.A.M.Synth is a software-synthesizer written entirely in Java, using the JavaSound API. It emulates a analogue modular synthesizer, allowing the user to build his or her own unique synthesizer, by choosing among a variety of components. The project is no longer in development, but might still be worth a look. The GUI is decent, the sound quality very poor (non band limited waveforms, 16 bit internal processing), now you are warned.

The following components are available:

More info? read the documentation.


An applet version of JamSynth is available here.


Demonstration sound files (mp3 format mono, 56kb/s)
Basedrum (4k)
Distorted basedrum (4k)
C64-style SquareWave (104k)
Beat+SquareWave (239k)

Source code : download

Read the installation notes

Useful links:

Contact us - We appreciate any comments and suggestions

JavaSound home - The Sound API

Java Media Framework - This should contain the JavaSound package

Jdk 1.3 API - This contains the JavaSound package

Jdk 1.3 API-docs