Version 1.0 (May 1999)


COROUTINE is a portable C++ library for coroutine sequencing. The facilities of the library are based on the coroutine primitives provided by the programming language SIMULA.

Two different implementations of the library are provided together with libraries for process-oriented discrete event simulation, random drawing, backtrack programming and handling of two-way lists.

The code is distributed for research use. The author reserves all rights to the code.


The software is available in two formats:

If a UNIX machine is used, download the software in the first format. Next execute the following UNIX commands:

    gzip -d COROUTINE-1.0.tgz
    tar xvf COROUTINE-1.0.tar

If a MacOS or a Windows machine is used, download the software in the second format. Next unstuff it with StuffIt Expander™ (freeware available at

COROUTINE has been described in the report

This report may be found in pdf-format in the directory DOC.