Version 1.1 (March 2004)


javaSimulation is a Java package for process-based discrete event simulation. Its simulation facilities are based on those provided by the programming language SIMULA.

Along with the package comes documentation and examples, a separate package for coroutine sequencing and three Java packages for event- and activity-based simulation in Java.


The software is available in two formats:

If a UNIX machine is used, download the software in the first format. Next execute the following UNIX commands:

gzip -d JAVASIMULATION-1.1.tgz
tar xvf JAVASIMULATION-1.1.tar

If a MacOS or a Windows machine is used, download the software in the second format. Next unstuff it with StuffIt Expander™ (freeware available at

The author reserves all rights to the code.

javaSimulation has been described in the report

This report may be found in pdf-format in the directory docs.


Improved support for multiple simulations (instead of creating one simulation at a time, it is possible to generate a number of consecutive simulations, varying a particular parameter over a range of values). When a simulation ends, all processes terminate automatically and release their threads.